Information Technology should make
a competitive difference.

Does yours?

Strategically Plan Your
Future Technology

Do you have a strategic plan? If not, you are setting your organization up for wasted cost and effort down the road. Mike can help you create an effective, "living" five- to ten-year strategic plan to contain costs and ensure your future investments create a positive bottom-line impact for your organization. With over a decade of Fortune-50 Senior-level IT management experience, he provides technical and business "peripheral vision" through research, trend spotting, intuition, and processes to identify opportunistic industry and macro-economic changes in the business and technical climates.

How important is strategic planning? Ask anybody who has a Beta videotape player or tapes in their basement- they'll tell you!

Effectively Using Your
Existing Technology

Do you really use your technology to its fullest? If not, you will eventually have overlapping, underutilized products wasting precious time and money. Many organizations have immediate opportunities to save money and resources through staff training and technology consolidation. Does yours?

Your Business and Technology Teams-
Partners or Adversaries?

Do your business and technology groups/vendors understand each other and work together well? That's not often the case. Why? They speak different languages, sometimes have different goals, and often take adversarial stances. It doesn't have to be that way.

Mike is known for taking the most complex topics and explaining them at a level anyone from the mailroom to the boardroom can understand. Let him help take your understanding of technology to a whole new level and become enabled to ask the right questions and make fact-based decisions when new vendors or products are suggested or requested.

If you have a technical staff, Mike can show them how to research and compare products from a true ROI perspective, then build and present well-written, solid business cases to your leadership/management teams.

When everybody begins speaking the same language, the result is greater understanding, colloboration, and a winning combination for the entire organization!

Do you have other needs?

Mike can provide consultation and training services for a broad variety of technology and management needs to suit any organization, from small to international organizations. Contact Mike today to see what he can do for you.

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IT-Specific Areas of Expertise


Infrastructure Operations, Engineering, and Architecture Mgmt.
Data Center Design

Virtualization and Consolidation

Integration Projects

Vendor Relationships and Management

Change Management

IT Governance and Standards

Server Hardware/Software Evaluation and Certification


General Areas of Expertise


High-Powered Leadership and Management

High-Performance Team Building

Critical Skills for New Managers

Effective Communications

Creating Cross-team Collaboration

Strategic and Tactical Planning

Large Scale and Global Project Management

Key Performance Indicators, Metrics and Scorecards

Process Improvement

Business Requirements Gathering and Analysis

Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis

Risk/Benefits Analysis

Building Winning IT Business Cases

Creating an Accurate TCI/TCO Analysis

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