About Mike Futty

Based in Bridgeville, Delaware, Mike possesses over a decade of experience designing and managing technology in some of the world's largest, complex, and dynamic global Fortune 100 and Fortune 50 financial corporations.

Additionally, he has traveled extensively throughout the mid-Atlantic region, providing consulting and training services to organizations of every size, from start-ups to Fortune-500 corporations such as IKON Office Solutions, MBNA America, AT&T, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and Microsoft.

Mike Futty's pholosophy is to establish a close partnership with each client built on a foundation of working together to do what makes the best business sense for the client's strategic business goals. Mike doesn't believe in using the latest, sexiest technologies for the sake of using them, but rather using the right technologies to provide the greatest short- and long-term business value possible.

At a minimum, he believes your technology should:

  • Directly align with and support your business strategy
  • Improve the ability to server your customers better than the competition
  • Allow your business to grow
  • Reduce your risk
  • Increase your bottom line
  • Not break your budget

Mike's in-depth technical knowledge, coupled with a refreshingly direct and down-to-earth style has earned him a reputation as an industry leader, evidenced by industry-nomination as one of ComputerWorld Magazine's Premiere 100 IT Leaders. He is vendor-neutral, taking a business-centric approach to design solutions that make the best strategic business case for every client.

Mike has the ability to:

  • Provide you technical "peripheral vision” using trend spotting, intuition, and new processes to identify opportunistic industry and macro-economic changes in the business technology climate.
  • Help you contain cost by revisiting the strategic value of business technologies, establishing a “partners in competition” mindset with all stakeholders.
  • Help you swiftly “course-correct” to adapt to change in the business technology landscape. Navigating change, and not just recognizing it determines the winner in today’s environment

With extensive experience training others in the high school, college, and corporate environments, Mike developed a keen ability to describe the most complicated of topics at a level anybody can understand. He adjusts to the level and speaks the language of his audience in every situation, ensuring critical knowledge is understood. This is especially important when presenting highly technical information or proposals to the business side of the house. Mike also provides communications training to business and technical teams to help them better understand and communicate with each other. When everybody is speaking the same language, the entire organization benefits.

StrategicCTO's service area includes Delaware, southern Pennsylvania including Philadelphia, and eastern Maryland including Baltimore and Washington DC. Short-term consulting and training engagements outside of the area can be scheduled based upon availability.

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Key Areas Mike Can Help You With

Technology Portfolios
Stacked Architectures
IT Standards and Governance
Strategic and Tactical Planning
High-performance Team Building
Professional Development
IT Architecture, Engineering and Operations
IT Development and Lifecycle Management
Business and Functional Requirements
Datacenter Design
Capacity Planning and Management
Risk Identification and Mitigation
Disaster Planning and Recovery
Large-scale and Global Project Management
Process Improvement and Automation
Vendor Management
Budget Management
Regulatory Requirements
Business Cases
Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Identification, Measurement and Reporting
Executive and C-Level Communications
Creating Powerful Powerpoint Presentation
Street-smart Business Knowledge and Common-sense

Mike's Community Involvement

Mike strongly believes in giving back to the community through participation in several non-profit organizations who help individuals grow and supports those in need.

  • Ronald McDonald House of Delaware
    • Family Spokesperson
    • Major contributor
  • Delaware Veterans Administration / Delaware Department of Labor
    • Webmaster, Delaware Job Club Goggle Group
    • Presenter, "How to Market Yourself" for unemployed veterans
  • LayoffRx.com / LayoffRx.blogspot.com (support for the unemployed)
    • Owner and Webmaster
  • Brandywine School District
    • Technology Advisory Board Member
  • Presidential Volunteer Service Award Recipient (2008)
  • Toastmasters International
    • Semi-finalist, 2007 World Championship of Public Speaking
    • District 18
      • Division A Governor (2009-2010)
      • District Parliamentarian
      • Speakers Bureau Chair (2008-2009)
    • BAC to the Future Club, Newark DE
      • VP of Education (2008-2009)
      • VP of Public Relations (2007-2008)
      • Webmaster (2007-2009)
    • Southern Delaware Toastmasters Club, Millsboro DE
      • VP of Public Relations (2009-Present)


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